Marketing Kits

Welcome to the S.E.AT. Marketing Kits – now is the time to pack and promote S.E.A.T. in your facility! Below you’ll find the most current Marketing Kit with many more on the way soon! We’ll always providing a fresh new way to market S.E.A.T. just for you.

Marketing Kits give you, your club or facility the power to promote S.E.A.T. and generate members! Marketing Kits have unique themes and powerful designs to keep interest in S.E.A.T. fresh and exciting! Each kit includes a Poster, Sign-Up Sheets, Instructor Track Assignments, Free Class and Event Passes, Tips for a Top Notch Launch and Instructor Recruitment Posters. Use these kits around your club or facility to create a buzz about S.E.A.T!

What is a Launch?

A S.E.A.T. Launch is a PARTY – and Marketing Kits get that party started! This party re-energizes members, staff and the entire club. This event celebrates the introduction of new choreography, new music and new moves into the S.E.A.T. program. It is also your opportunity to grow S.E.A.T. with new participants and new members. Every three months, S.E.A.T. provides instructors with a new release. Each new release includes exciting new choreography (via our streaming/downloadable digital kits), new hit music (via music download) and new motivation and education (via a mini-training manual). Each new release is the perfect opportunity to not only celebrate the programs, but more importantly, attract a captive audience to sell new memberships.

Sales Tool

It is important to recognize that each new release is a sales tool. New programming excites staff and penetrates the hearts of members. Simply put – they crave this! They wait with anticipation and overflow with excitement for each new program release to arrive. It is the perfect avenue to keep current members excited about your club, and attract new members to experience the excitement and energy of S.E.A.T! With the help of Marketing Kits, you will be able to generate a buzz about these new releases like no other!

Using Marketing Kits to Launch – Sell, Sell, Sell!

Marketing is the key to success. S.E.A.T. provides the pieces you need to market your facility to the community and the material to promote your next launch party all while driving membership rates up! With a Stylish Poster, Sign-Up Sheets, Instructor Track Assignments, Free Class and Event Passes, Tips for a Top Notch Launch and Instructor Recruitment Posters all available – we give YOU the tools for success!

Bring ’em in… Make ’em stay!

Working as a team, we can bring in new members and keep your current members committed. Have your front desk hand out the class and event passes offered within each kit and encourage clients to bring in their friends and family to experience the upcoming event. Have your group ex instructors and personal trainers announce and promote your next launch at every class! Gather all the information listed within these passes as it can be used to reach out to potential clients, confirm their attendance, meet them in person the day of the launch, connect them with current members and SELL to the prospects! Together, with the help of Marketing Kits, we can bring ’em in and make ’em stay!
  1. Scroll down to find your desired season/category and select a kit
  2. Right click and choose “Save As…”

* Download speeds may vary depending on your internet connection. Please be patient. These kits are worth it. Adobe Reader is required in order to use the Adobe writable functions of the kits. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, download it here for free.

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