A Turn-Key Solution for Aging Functional Fitness

S.E.A.T. (Supported Exercise for Ageless Training) is a brand new, chair-based fitness program that strengthens the body and mind, while improving balance and flexibility through functional fitness to get the most out of life. 
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Evidence-Based, Chair-Assisted Functional Fitness

S.E.A.T. (Supported Exercise for Ageless Training) is an evidence-based, chair-assisted, functional fitness workout incorporating unique, pre-formatted choreography for a fun, socially engaging, total body low-impact workout. Color-coded choreography highlights the creative video choreography that is updated and provided every 3 months to keep instructors and trainers current with this evolving ageless fitness program. Designed with inclusivity in mind, our choreography caters to students with a wide range of abilities, ensuring the integrity of the program and a truly inclusive experience for all.

Get S.E.A.T. Certified!

Become a S.E.A.T. Certified Instructor and you’re on your way to teaching this revolutionary chair based fitness program to your aging clients. This program doesn’t require club licensing, so it’s truly turn-key!
Certification Includes:

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S.E.A.T. is the groundbreaking supported chair-based exercise program that provides a low impact workout for participants of all ages, skills, and fitness abilities. The energetic, sing-along quality music, dynamic instructors, and inclusive choreography create a social, confidence building space for all students. Enjoy the pure fun of this 30-minute or 45-minute engaging extravaganza! This full body program, with form and function at its foundation, can be performed virtually anywhere in a short period of time by a single individual, in small group settings, or in organized large group exercise classes.  Studios, boutiques, small clubs, and other environments that may not have access to a large area will be benefit from the unique format.

Each class consists of 8 tracks which you can view below.
Should our S.E.A.T. instructors and facilities decide to offer a 30 minute program versus the full 45 minute program, we suggest that we remove two of the eight tracks provided.  We can remove the Posture Track, as the instructor can focus on posture and proper body alignment in the Warm-Up track.  Then we can remove the Total Body Track.  This is because the Cardio track can emphasize full body movements and proper execution. Also, our 30-minute classes can trade in and out of which tracks that they decide to remove – sometimes eliminating just one track or selecting to remove two different tracks on different days.  This improves the versatility and creativity of our S.E.A.T. program, and keeps our students …. on their toes!

Order of the Workout:
The Sit To Stand track is intentionally placed after Strength track and right before Flexibility track because students need to be able to get up and out of the chair to exit the workout space.  The Total Body & Balance track is important because balance work is essential for an older population. 
What you can expect in a typical class:
Track 1- Warm up
Focus: Prepare the body for movement during the workout and set the tone for class
• Increases the core temperature of the body
• Increases the heart rate
• Increases synovial fluid to joints: hips, shoulders, hands, feet & spine
• Rehearsal for movements that will be performed in this program
Track 2- Posture
Focus: Improve posture in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine to increase mobility and body awareness
• Improve total body awareness through postural focus
• Increases the ability to move in multi-planar movements
• Improve and deter the progression of forward head & kyphosis of the spine
Track 3- Cardio
Focus: Increase heart rate and range of motion of upper and lower body
• Increases cardio capacity
• Increases range of motion of long levers
• Engages fast twitch muscle fibers for daily living activities
Track 4- Total Body & Balance
Focus: Increased work intensity for the entire body & stabilization focusing on balance
• Improves cardio endurance
• Improves Stamina
• Improves coordination of total body
• Challenges balance by rapid movements to anchored positioning
Track 5- Memory
Focus: Simple cardio training while emphasizing brain and memory challenges
• Improves Neuroplasticity in the brain
• Improves coordination of body and mind
• Creates simple brain challenges that are fun and engage the group

Track 6- Strength
Focus: Engage various muscle groups to build strength, stability, and endurance
• Builds muscular endurance and strength
• Improves joint stability
• Minimizes or delays onset of bone loss/osteoporosis

Track 7- Sit to Stand
Focus: Introduce large muscle movement and power moving in and out of the chair
• Improves gluteal and core strength during the hip hinge
• Improves power and control of the lower body muscles
• Improves stabilizing muscles for more controlled balance

Track 8- Flexibility and mobility
Focus: Reset the mind and body and celebrate the workout
• Increases flexibility of the chest and hip flexors
• Improves mood and helps decrease depression
All of the music for the S.E.A.T. program is technologically mixed to the perfect tempo and speed, so everyone can follow. Your instructors will finally all be on the same page, teaching the same choreography and using the same music that encourages student participation for both a social and enjoyable experience. Best of all, every 12 weeks, a new release is available with updated music that coincides perfectly with our choreography, giving trainers and instructors the tools to empower students to take their fitness to the next level.
We know your time is important so we’ve partnered with Clementune to make things as easy as possible for you! Now you ca find the most current release on our NEW app – but not to worry, the more music we load, the more tracks you can teach! Watch your library grow! Below is a step-by-step guide to get yourself up and running in just moments. Learn more right here.
S.E.A.T. is an evidence-based, chair-assisted, functional fitness workout incorporating unique, pre-formatted choreography for a fun, socially engaging, total body low-impact workout. Color-coded choreography notes are provided every 3 months to keep instructors and trainers up to date with this evolving ageless fitness program. Designed with inclusivity in mind, our choreography caters to students with a wide range of abilities, ensuring the integrity of the program and a truly inclusive experience for all.
What Will S.E.A.T. Do For Me?

• This chair-based exercise program offers a full body, low-impact workout with options to suit the needs of clients with a range of abilities and skills.

• Retains all the general health benefits of regular exercise: lose weight, improved mobility, heart health, reduced risk of chronic illness, enhanced energy levels, improved posture, etc.

• Relieves pressure from the spine and joints facilitating exercise for unique populations.

• Requires little or no prior experience for participants to feel comfortable and have a great workout experience.

• Help participants with muscular endurance, joint stability, flexibility, balance, increase synovial fluid to joints, and allow them to move in all planes of movement.

• Improves physical health and cognitive function.

• Increases independence through improved physical and cognitive function.
• Active aging adults looking for a low-impact, yet engaging full body workout

• Busy individuals with a short amount of time/space and limited equipment

• Individuals with balance challenges or mobility issues
Persons who may be overwhelmed by lots of large movement or directional changes

• De-conditioned exercisers or those new to exercising

• Individuals under care from a doctor or specialist that have medical clearance
S.E.A.T.  Supported Exercise for Ageless Training Instructor Certification:
This certification serves as an important first step into the field of teaching chair-based program.  A combination of home study and live training along with a theoretical exam  will prepare you for the full day practical course. This comprehensive educational program focuses on pre-choreographed routines that are learned and serve to enhance your class sequencing, warm-up, progressions, musical phrasing, proper cueing techniques, choreography development and all the skills required to teach your best class, every class.  Also included in the valuable program is a downloadable 45 minute choreography video, downloadable music, along with a complete educational manual and choreography notes.

There are three ways to become certified for this program:

• Attend a 1-day live (in person) training and successfully pass the exam

• Attend a 1-day live-streaming training and successfully pass the exam

• Take the online certification and successfully pass the exam

CECs: SCW (7.0), AFAA (7.0), ACE (0.9), NASM (0.7), AEA (8.0), ACSM (7.0).
The SCW S.E.A.T. program was developed with one main purpose: to serve as format that is inclusive and accessible by all individuals, regardless of ability.  Those desiring or needing a transitional exercise option during rehabilitation, persons with exercise limitations (balance or other physical challenges, de-conditioned) active agers, or individuals looking for cross training and aquatic workout alternatives will be able to incorporate S.E.A.T. into a regular fitness regimen.  Parents busy with young children, or  professionals on tight schedules, and/or individuals recovering from surgeries will experience a quick rejuvenation and total body without having to travel outside the home or office.
S.E.A.T. makes becoming a teacher not only exciting and refreshing, but is easy to learn because all essential training tools and pre-formatted choreography are provided, removing all of the guess work – leaving you with the ability to focus on connecting with the class! This program doesn’t require club licensing, so it’s truly turn-key! 

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