Expand your membership and extend your bottom line with S.E.A.T.®, (Supported Exercise for Ageless Training). This chair-based exercise format is specially designed for active agers looking for low-impact exercise alternative, the elderly struggling with balance or mobility issues, and those deconditioned or new to exercise.


This unique format is perfect for Health Clubs, Boutique Studios, Retirement Facilities, and Wellness Centers looking to serve a wider market and grow their membership base.

The program allows a comfortable ‘welcome back’ to inactive patrons who are desperately in need of an accessible, functional and creative wellness activity.


Each facility enjoys updated marketing materials every 12-weeks including unique posters and social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn along with promotional videos suitable for posting online.


Every S.E.A.T. License include 3-Free comprehensive instructor certifications, along with coaching support to assist with launching, running and growing your older adult offering. Refreshing member experience every 12-weeks through our Autoship program, S.E.A.T. provides new choreography, new music, and new marketing to inspire this exceptional fitness community featuring:

• Comprehensive online certification with an optional 8-hour live or streaming program
• Choreography videos and music that are refreshed and completely updated every 12 weeks.
• Choreography reference notes that are systematic and supportive for speedy review and application
• A comprehensive scientifically-based program guaranteeing a safe, effective, and creative chair-based class EVERY class.


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