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The SEAT 9 Release is available as a streaming video. Use the menu on video play bar navigate through the tracks (you may have to hover your cursor over the track area and scroll down to see all of them).



    Q: What is a “digital kit?”

    A: The S.E.A.T. digital kits are available online. They can be viewed online, or downloaded to your computer or mobile device to watch at your convenience without an internet connection.

    Q: I’m having trouble opening the music I downloaded in my music program (iTunes, etc.)

    A: Since not everyone uses the same music player, we have provided the music in a universal mp3 format. If you’re not sure how to import them into your favorite music player, please refer to the music player’s instructions in the “Help” menu.

    Q: I want to watch the video on my mobile device (tablet, smartphone)

    A: The easiest way to accomplish this is to visit the media center website (via the link you were provided by email for digital subscribers, or in your DVD case for physical subscribers). You can play the streaming video from your mobile device simply by clicking on it.

    *Access to the S.E.A.T. releases is for license holders only. Redistributing this information is prohibited by law. 

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